The Daily Squib: Anthology from 2007 to 2022


Paperback, A4, greyscale, 138 pages

As the follies and absurdities of the powerful are destroying the world through war, pandemic, and climate change, what better time to release The Daily Squib: Anthology from 2007 to 2022?

Over the last 15 years, the Squib has held a crazy distorted fairground mirror to global events. Sometimes its spoofs have even been mistaken for real news—what higher accolade is there for a satirist? Its mock report on the Ku Klux Klan declaring its support for Barack Obama in the 2008 US elections and its fake interview with Henry Kissinger (2011) fooled “serious” outlets across the world. More than that, the Squib has somehow become an unholy satirical oracle by predicting an EU army 5 years before anyone else was talking about it and, in 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, even pinpointing “somewhere in Asia” as the source.

Though like lots of other good things this has been overlooked by the mainstream media, the Squib has played an innovative role in shaping internet-based comedy since 2007 and has fought hard for free speech in a climate of increasing puritanism on both the political left and right.

Read these articles with the same gusto and passion with which they were created, as they form an alternative historical record of a turbulent time of conflict, disease, terrorism, official stupidity, and mass-delusion. Alternatively, the less pretentious reader can flick through it while taking a dump and either chuckle to themselves as they plop away … or if they don’t find it funny can use its luxuriously produced pages as bog paper.



About the author

Satirical author Aur Esenbel is the creative dynamo behind The Daily Squib. “The Satirist With a Thousand Faces” has taken aim at almost every genre, subject, VIP, and major news story with a fiery rage, savvy eye, and knowledge accrued from living in over 15 countries and travelling to 45 more. Dedicated to The Sixteen Satires of Decimus Juvenalis, this anthology updates the ancient school of Juvenalian satire for our modern age of Twitter pile-ons and autocrats with ludicrous haircuts, channelling that same wrath, angst, and critical acumen. Apart from satirical writing, film-making, and illustration the author has always been a dedicated fine artist and guitarist. He currently resides in London.

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The Daily Squib: Anthology from 2007 to 2022 : Aur Esenbel: Books

“The funny stories are written like mini mocking news accounts – the sort of thing to be found in the best selling satire magazine “Private Eye” only a fair bit funnier.” Dr M Sutton

“Pleasantly surprised by this wonderful book. Let me tell you it’s like breathing a breath of fresh non-pc air. Outrageous daring satire that addresses as many subjects as possible and fires its satirical gun in all directions. The social commentary of our times comes thick and fast leaving no prisoners.” Panca7