Space exploration package: Journey to Moonwalking + No Bucks No Buck Rogers


No Bucks No Buck Rogers is a compendium of “lessons learned” from the author’s 50 years of experience, and includes not only a trove of commercial space data, but behind-the-scenes insights into multi-million dollar satellite negotiations, including fascinating international perspectives of developments during the ending of the Cold War. He takes us through the difficult transition stage as “new space” began to question the way in which “old space” had been operating for four decades, bringing hope of the opening up of a new growth period in space flight, including possibilities for commercial space exploration and exploitation businesses.

Derek Webber has been a prime mover in both the original space commerce businesses of launch vehicle and satellite communications, and in the new phase of private commercial space flight leading to commercial space exploration endeavors. He served as an international judge of the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Journey to Moonwalking represents over two decades of research by Ken Thomas, interviewing original participants, and working with other spacesuit historians to determine Apollo spacesuit contributions and contributors. The author brings a unique expertise to this historic achievement. He was a spacesuit engineer for twenty-two years and has been a consultant to national museums since 1993. Additionally, performing knowledge-capture for NASA gave the author a micro-level view into Apollo history, which provided additional enlightenment.

“By far the best written and most comprehensive accounting of the stories that led to creation of the Apollo A7-l. The spacesuit that allowed man’s first steps on another world. Ken Thomas masterfully weaves the recollections and documents of the actual participants, into a fact filled and engaging masterpiece. A book that tells the whole truth, without mixing in politics or ‘The company line’.”