Open Access

Curtis Press is pleased to offer open access publishing to its authors. With open access the final book pdf is made available, free of charge to the reader, on the Curtis Press website, as well as being supplied to the author to archive within their own repository. Therefore, the book becomes available to anyone wishing to download it free of charge. Open access enables an author to be confident their work will not be restricted in distribution by the cost of the book to the reader.

Funding open access
A fee is charged to the author, or author’s university or institution, depending upon the number of book pages. Many universities have open access funds specifically for this very purpose.

In addition, open access books are also be available in print and as premium downloads for significantly reduced prices.

Discounted fees are available to universities who have already used Curtis Press Open Access publishing with another author. Additional discounts are available to universities when buying open access publishing for several authors at a time.

Authors retain copyright
Open access books are published under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license, so they can be reused and redistributed for non-commercial purposes as long as the original author is attributed.

Interested in the open access concept?  If so please contact us with your questions.