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Myths vs facts in science

Is it a myth, a fact or something in-between?

  1. Is it true that Darwin and/or Wallace originated the full theory of macroevolution by natural selection?

Answer = No! It’s a myth because Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, and many other top experts on evolution (such as Matthew himself, de Beer, Mayr and Dawkins) all agreed Matthew (1831) was first into print, decades before Darwin or Wallace with the full theory.

  1. Is it true that Matthew must have failed to influence Darwin and/or Wallace with his theory because no naturalists / no single person had read Matthew’s theory before he claimed his priority in a published letter of 1860?

Answer = No! It’s a myth started as an empirical proven lie by Darwin in all editions of the Origin of Species from third edition onwards and parroted by the credulous and adoring scientific community ever since. In 1860 Matthew’s published letter informed Darwin directly that his book had been reviewed by the famous naturalist and biologist Loudon, reviewed in various periodicals and newspapers and was read by an esteemed profesor who could not teach it nor write about it for fear of pillory punishment, it being heretical i the first half of the 19th century. Sutton’s research originally and uniquely identifies 30+ people who read and then cited Matthew’s 1831 book in published print before Darwin and Wallace replicated the original theory in it. This list includes Wallace’s admitted greatest influencer, Robert Chambers (who met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1858) and the editor of Wallace’s famous Sarawak paper – Selby. Loudon edited and published two of Blyth’s most influential papers, read by Darwin, and Darwin admitted Blyth was his most prolific correspondent on the topic of species and varieties.

  1. Is it true, what Darwin claimed in the Origin of Species and elsewhere, that Matthew was an obscure writer and that Matthew’s theory was only briefly given in the scattered pages of an appendix to an entirely irrelevant book on the topic?

A. No it’s a myth. Again this myth was started as a published lie by Darwin. Firstly, if Matthew was an obscure writer then how is it that pre-1858 Matthew was cited in the Encyclopedia Britannica and and elsewhere in that publication his 1831 enjoyed a prominent 1/2 page block advert and why is it that it is newly proven that before 1858 Darwin held in his own hands at least five publications that cited Matthew’s 1831 book. Darwin lied about Matthew’s theory being limited to an appendix because his own letter to Lyell on that topic said it would be splitting hairs to admit the truth (he knew, because Matthew had shown him in his published letter of reply to Darwin) was otherwise.

  1. Is it true that Darwin was a remarkably honest man and genius orignal thinker?

A. No its a myth, proven by the three answers to the questions above. Darwin (and Wallace too) was a replicator of a prior published theory and all paths of those who read and cited Matthew’s book lead to Darwin and to Wallace and to their known and admitted influencers, friends and to their influencer’s influencers. Darwin, with assistance from Wallace, and the credulity of the scientific community and others committed the worlds greatest science fraud by plagiary and lies.