Coming Soon: Space Tourism Business by Derek Webber

Are you a journalist or tech writer who wants to understand the space tourism business? 

Maybe you are eager to become a space tourist yourself?

Are you an industry-insider planning for a space tourism provider, travel agency, or a spaceport business? 

Are you an academic, researching or teaching the fundamentals of the industry?

Are you an investor seeking, through due diligence, to assess the risks and opportunities of space tourism?

Or maybe you are a space attorney working in government or a policy center?

If so, then, you will want to know:

  • WHY is space tourism important?
  • WHAT is the size of the market?
  • WHEN will there be space tourism flights to the Moon?
  • WHICH companies are offering space tourism experiences?
  • WHO is providing the finance?
  • WHERE are the spaceports?
  • HOW is the industry being regulated?

All these questions, and many more, are answered in this book as the author comprehensively lays out the foundations of the space tourism business in this sourcebook. In doing so, he uses embedded original documents with contemporary updates, summary datasheets of key information, and a series of textbook challenges to invite the reader to continue developing the new industry of space tourism.


Derek Webber is a former rocket and satellite engineer, commercial space industry executive, space tourism entrepreneur, and the author of several books on commercial space, popular space history, and space tourism.  For two decades his contributions have been essential to the development of the space tourism industry, both in the United States and Europe.  His important foundational work included directing key market research demand studies, contributing to the emerging regulations of the industry, defining the spaceport, and developing the Gateway Earth concept—using space tourism revenues to break a fifty-year log-jam of funding issues preventing astronauts from exploring beyond low Earth orbit.